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Language Game Talking Flash Cards Toy

Language Game Talking Flash Cards Toy

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Introducing the "Children Learn Toy" – where fun meets education for our little ones! These engaging and interactive Talking Flash Cards and Electronic English Books are designed to ignite a passion for learning while keeping kids entertained for hours. These talking flash cards and electronic English books bring a sense of play to early education, making learning a delightful adventure. Featuring electronic interactivity, our talking flash cards captivate young minds with engaging visuals and clear, crisp English audio. Toddler-Friendly Design. The Perfect Gift. Invest in your child's future with the gift of knowledge and joy. Get the Children Learn Toy today and set them on the path to a lifetime of learning and success!



Material: ABS Plastic
Puzzle Enlightenment English Card Machine contains, 112 cards, a total of 224 contents
Age of Use: 3 years and up
Quantity: Early education machine x 1

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